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About CNK Tech

CNK Tech was formed to help businesses and individuals address the issues around mental health and well-being in certain professions and environments

It began when we started to explore the high levels of burnout among medical professionals. At any given time, up to 66% of physicians are experiencing burnout symptoms. This disturbing reality has the potential to lead to medical errors, patient deaths, lawsuits and physician suicide.

Recognizing the need for tools to help physicians navigate through their everyday pressures, the partners created DoctoRevolution. The online digital platform offers a series of e-courses, one-on-one coaching, and psychometric tools focused on wellness for medical professionals.

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It soon became apparent that the issues physicians face in their personal and professional lives can be transposed to other industries as well. The team began work on OrigamAi, an assessment tool that combines psychometrics, engagement metrics and mental well-being indicators to provide qualitative data that drives informed action.

An always-on survey tool, OrigamAi provides 360° feedback from employees or students enabling organizations and institutions to gain a revealing, real-time snapshot of their environments from the perspective of those are who working or studying in them. There is also an individual component of OrigamAi for individuals interested in understanding their personal traits and how they impact personal relationships and career success.

CNK Tech is privately owned with offices in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. For more information, contact us.


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