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How it works

OrigamAi is a survey-based assessment tool with an easy to understand dashboard

We provide healthcare organizations, business, educational institutions and individuals with a deeper understanding of wellness traits and performance metrics for personal well-being and professional success.

From a desktop, laptop or palm of one’s hand, OrigamAi provides your leaders with the ability to proactively monitor, measure and manage team and organization stress and success. And, for the first time, the ability to see the impact of mental health on your organization. Individually, staff can actively monitor their stress levels, health and well-being.

Step 1

Request a demo and see OrigamAi in action

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Step 2

Complete the enrollment process

Once you’ve decided OrigamAi is right for your organization, we’ll get your team registered. Setup is easy and fast.

Step 3

Participants receive four 20-minute surveys via email over four days

OrigamAi survey questions are developed using the Likert scale – the gold standard for psychometrics. OrigamAi measures a number of traits, each with multiple questions attributed to it including redundant questions. The built-in redundancy ensures that no single answer will overly influence a trait positively or negatively.

Step 4

Participants complete 60-second surveys at regular intervals

60-second surveys are designed to be completed quickly, so your staff isn’t inconvenienced or overwhelmed. To get the most accurate data, surveys should be completed daily, but we can create a schedule that works for your team.

Have questions about OrigamAi? We’ve got answers here

Step 5

View your dashboards for real-time results and recommendations

Data based on team responses is aggregated and analyzed in real-time and at-a-glance dashboard results and recommendations are provided. Ready to get started?


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