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People make your business soar

How do you know everyone is flying in the same direction?

OrigamAi keeps you on the pulse of employee mood and engagement

A first-of-its-kind analytics platform, OrigamAi is a survey-based assessment tool aimed at helping organizations understand what is really going on beneath the veneer. Combining psychometrics, engagement metrics and indicators of mental well-being, OrigamAi provides real-time, qualitative employee data to help drive informed actions in the workplace. Learn how it works.

Reach your company’s future with healthy, engaged, high-performing teams

Your people are the core of your business. But showing up for work doesn’t mean that everyone is mentally healthy and professionally engaged. Research shows that only 2 in 5 employees are working at peak performance.

Poor mental health, stress and burnout, low morale, personality conflicts, unmet employee needs and aspirations, and ineffective leadership can create a toxic culture and directly impact the ability of employees to work productively and synergistically. The ripple effects from an unhealthy workforce have the power to derail a company’s path forward.

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Monitor teams remotely - at a scale that isn’t possible in person

Get detailed high-level insight about the professional development of the workforce, mental health and emotional well-being and functional level of teams and departments

Assess the health of your workforce

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Get results aggregated by team, align people into groups (e.g. emerging leaders) or review results through the lens of a project team

Identify key gaps in workplace well-being and understand the interpersonal dynamics and effects currently existing in your workplace

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Spot trends and stave off developing issues

View performance metrics around recruitment, retention and presenteeism (loss in productivity that occurs when employees function at less than full capacity due to ill health)

Understand the readiness and trending momentum of your workforce in real time so you can take decisive action

Identify and resolve problems quickly before they escalate

Retain talent and increase job satisfaction

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Build an engaged, driven workforce with retention and turnover predictions

Achieve tighter alignment between employees and your organizational culture (work environment, company mission, value, ethics, expectations, and goals)

Understand the weaknesses and the sources of disharmony – whether they span the entire organization, a geographic location or a specific team, so you can implement remedial plans to address them

Encourage and support the professional development of all employees who want to stretch and perform better

Understand how well-utilized and engaged your people are based on their skill sets or talents, where they feel stifled, how well their current roles match their career aspirations, and whether they believe your company is capable of meeting their goals for advancement.

Capture how much employee potential is left on the table by measuring persistent levels of stress that fall out of the range of peak performance. (An employee is half as effective when overwhelmed as when in a moderate or no-stress state.)

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Build teams for success

Develop customized, project-specific surveys to identify desired traits and build high-performing teams

Create a stronger, engaged workforce with insights around Professional Skills Hierarchy, Leadership Hierarchy, Emerging Leaders, Employee Sentiment, and alignment with company goals

Continuing education platform provides insights to inform professional development training for best results

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Measure ROI on your company’s well-being strategies

OrigamAi allows you to measure your rate of success by first establishing a baseline understanding of where employees are developmentally, socially and technically.

On-going, 60-second surveys include questions that are attributed to all traits that are being measured. Results are continuously measured against both the baseline and any historical trend lines. Observable improvements in associated metrics clearly identify the desired impact indicating program success.

Get the most from your training and PD investment

The continuing education platform of OrigamAi contains individual and team-based content designed to augment your organization’s training and professional development initiatives, and bolster employee and team core competencies in Leadership, Professional Skills, Teamwork, Emotional Intelligence, and Wellness.

Curriculum is continually delivered to employees on demand, and consumable in as little as 20 minutes each time. OrigamAi has over fifty hours of content. New and optimized modules are added regularly based on the need.

The analytics platform can isolate specific areas of professional development that are likely to result in the greatest ROI for individuals, teams and organizations.

Integrating data from your HRIS, CRM, ERM, and LMS systems, OrigamAi analytics provide insights regarding the effectiveness and impact of your internal training programs.

OrigamAi grows with your organization

Chronicling the collective experience and evolution that occurs over time, and leverages this historical understanding in the real-time, role-based analytics.

Using machine learning, and aggregating the experiences of every member, Origamai can leverage intelligence gained across organizations and industries that can then be applied back to individual organizations.

Future-forward employers know that their people are the engine of their success. OrigamAi can show you what makes them tick, and help you nurture and support your workforce for the benefit of your people and your company. Learn more about how OrigamAi works.

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