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The questions are built using the Likert scale, which is the gold standard for psychometrics. The questions measure a number of traits, and each trait has redundant questions attributed to it. The built-in redundancy ensures that no single answer will overly influence a trait positively or negatively.

Dashboards are colour-coded and visual to provide insights at a glance, with red being negative. However, do not be concerned if you see a lot of red on your dashboard. This provides a starting point of awareness, identifying traits and attributes to work on influencing positively.

Not long at all. All we need is a CSV file of all participants, which automatically creates profiles for each person. Survey participants simply click on the link provided in an email and begin answering simple questions. Everything else is automated and organized into easy-to-understand dashboards that display high-level information with the ability to dive further.

In the first week, participants are asked to complete four sessions – each one taking less than 20 minutes. After completion of the four sessions, the time commitment is roughly 60 seconds a day. When and where participants complete OrigamAi surveys is up to their discretion. Interaction with OrigamAi should never interfere with participants’ day-to-day work or school responsibilities.

It depends on the results that you wish to see. Analytics are rendered in real-time. Individual results are updated continuously, and group analytics can be rendered instantaneously provided there is a group of users large enough to ensure anonymity.

Employees – OrigamAi can provide insights into how employees feel about their roles within your organization by benchmarking how teams work together, the impact that their stress levels have on their ability to perform, and in the aggregate, where their health and wellness levels are at.

OrigamAi can uncover hidden talents and support professional development. It will identify trends such as extended periods of high stress and enable you to make adjustments to rectify problematic issues. If a project or team is going sideways and losing momentum, you can understand what’s needed to keep it on track. At scale, leadership can understand the overall well-being of an organization by being able to track, examine, and understand events from a level that simply isn’t possible in person.

Students – OrigamAi can help identify and address concerns around safety, health and well-being, stress, and academic engagement – in real time. You can measure the efficacy and actual impact of campus initiatives by collecting metrics before, during and after. Additionally, OrigamAi provides students with metrics around professional skills required in the workforce. Having this data and understanding where improvements must be made will provide a greater advantage when seeking and maintaining employment.

No. Participants remain anonymous. All results are aggregated to provide an overall picture to the organization.

The OrigamAi platform is built around the principles of continuous measurement and periodic retesting. Baseline assessments are completed annually and will capture any changes that occur. With continuous measurement, we can illustrate trend lines.

ROI is also measured by comparing your internal metrics such as retention and turnover against the approximate cost of replacing skills workers.

You can replicate your organizational structure and model teams, projects and other initiatives. Future functionality will include adding customized attributes such as professional development goals of users, or defining project stages. Contact us if you want to explore custom functionality, or if you are looking for insights in specific areas.

We use industry standard best practices, utilizing AES 256-bit encryption, secure backups, as well as intelligence threat detection practices.

For other tools to gather the same amount of data as OrigamAi provides would cost substantially more in time and resources. Additionally, aggregated data wouldn’t exist in an integrated analytics platform that provides actionable insights for every role within an organization.

OrigamAi saves time and resources. On-boarding takes just over an hour with results available immediately. Tools requiring human administration take weeks to schedule, administer, process and provide feedback

Surveys are quick, easy and minimize distraction from work and studies. Participation takes approximately 1.5 hours in the first week, and less than one minute a day after that. Participants choose convenient time to answer survey questions.

The broad application provides analytics in multiple domains (professional skills, personal development, emotional intelligence, leadership, teamwork) with actionable intelligence for all stakeholders

OrigamAi scales to model organizational structure, teams, projects and more

OrigamAi builds an understanding of how people in an entire organization work together and influence one another. The ability to cross-reference various performance capabilities under different stress circumstances and apply it to current conditions is unique to OrigamAi

OrigamAi works well with small teams of five up to large organizations with employees in the tens of thousands who are spread across regions, divisions, teams and projects.

Your actual scoring is shared with you only. No one else sees your scores. Your results will not have a negative effect on your job, but rather support you in your role with the company through the invaluable feedback you provide.

No. The platform has been designed to enable participants to provide honest answers without fear of consequences or reprisals. Questions are random and modelled to represent a group average. It is not possible for anyone to know your answers or the questions you’ve been asked – unless you choose to share that information.

Your specific results are only provided to you. At no time will your personal results be provided to anyone else. Your results will be aggregated with the results of others to provide an overall picture to the organization. The anonymized data is also used to provide further learning on the topics covered in the assessment.

The goal of the platform is to provide a better understanding of what needs employees or students have to be able to work or study most effectively and with the greatest level of fulfillment. Answering dishonestly on a survey is of no benefit to anyone, including the survey participant. Individual results are not shared with anyone – other than yourself. The only thing it does is limit the ability of participants and the organization or institution to get the most out of the assessment tool.

Initially your time investment is approximately 1.5 hours. In the first week, we will send you links to four surveys. Each survey should take no longer than 20 minutes. After the first week, you will receive a brief daily survey that will take less than 60 seconds. You may choose to complete these daily surveys at a time that is convenient to you so as not to interfere with your work responsibilities.

If you’re looking for career advancement, thinking of starting a new business, or you want to get a picture of your professional persona and how you engage with others, OrigamAi can help. The OrigamAi platform can understand what your needs are in a workplace environment, identify your interpersonal dynamics, assess your emotional intelligence level, and flag issues that may derail you or prevent you from performing at your highest level.

Your data is yours alone. It is never shared with other parties or individuals. We use industry standard best practices, utilizing AES 256-bit encryption, secure backups, as well as intelligence threat detection practices.


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