OrigamAi is committed to helping end the North American workplace mental health crisis.

We help organizations thrive by providing the information leaders need to foster healthy, engaging workplaces and highly successful and productive workforces.

Emergency Mental Wellness Check

The Emergency Mental Wellness Check gives leaders a snapshot of the health and happiness of their workforce.

What is OrigamAi?

At OrigamAi, our purpose is to make workplaces healthier, people happier, and workforces more effective.

OrigamAi is the only workplace analytics platform with customized real-time reporting, contextualized analysis, as well as actionable recommendations and support. This allows everyone in an organization to see and monitor their personal social determinants of health and well-being both at work and at home.

OrigamAi helps manage staff well-being and organizational health, as well as success and key performance measures at all levels.

Leaders can proactively monitor, measure and manage team and organization stress and success. And, for the first time, grant them the ability to see the true impact of mental health on your organization.

Individuals can proactively monitor their stress levels, health and well-being, and because OrigamAi integrates with your extended health benefits program, they can effectively make the most of their benefits.

We believe that access to this personalized data will result in healthier workplaces, happier people, and a brighter future where everyone is more successful.

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What makes OrigamAi different from other workforce analytics programs?

OrigamAi is automated

OrigamAi is a first of its kind dynamic assessment tool powered by AI. Customized, always-available surveys check in with participants, and provide valuable insights.

OrigamAi is holistic

OrigamAi combines workforce capability and engagement metrics, as well as mental wellness indicators to create the real-time snapshot of the mood, aspirations, and satisfaction levels that contribute to a happy and productive workforce.

OrigamAi is for everyone

As long as you have more than 5 people to maintain the anonymity of respondents, OrigamAi benefits any business wanting to create a happier, healthier workforce.

Who uses OrigamAi?


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