OrigamAi was built with healthcare workers and first responders in mind.

OrigamAi makes it possible to provide a psychologically safe workplace, reduce human error and save more lives.

OrigamAi supports healthcare professionals, departments, and hospitals to reduce the lasting effects of psychological trauma and other negative mental health outcomes for staff, while positively impacting culture and performance. All leading to improved patient outcomes.

As the only platform with customized real-time reporting, contextualized analysis, actionable recommendations and support, OrigamAi is a superior tool for managing staff well-being, teams’ health and success and key performance measures at all levels of your healthcare organization.

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For staff

  • Simple enrolment
  • 60-second surveys get you back to your patients faster.
  • Only you can see your individual data
  • Insights at the employee, team, and organization levels give context to your individual insights.
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For leaders and administrators

  • Easy to enroll and simple to maintain.
  • Provides real-time human-centric data in an easy to understand dashboard.
  • Visualize the health and wellbeing of your employee groups.
  • Anonymized and aggregated data ensures employee information remains private.
  • Utilizing artificial intelligence OrigamAi learns about your team over time, and offers predictive analytics.
  • Predictive analytics let you understand how action items may impact a team, and can provide recommendations for preventative measures.
  • Links directly to employee benefits.
  • Integrates with your clinical performance indicators, providing an additional level of insight into the correlation between professional competencies such as teamwork, communication, leadership, and culture,

Better Outcomes for Patients and Healthcare Workers.

Prevent patient harm by proactively supporting healthcare workers who are at risk of job-related moral injury.

  • In Canada, 5.9% of patients face preventable patient harm.
  • In Canada, 28,000 preventable patient deaths occur every year.
  • A 2018 study found that physician burnout is associated with twice the odds of involvement in patient safety incidents.
  • Reducing moral injury saves the lives of physicians, who have a 4x higher rate of suicide.
  • 1/3 of physician attrition is attributable to burnout, with 2X greater risk of resignation. Replacing a single physician can cost an institution over $250,000.

Moral Injury

OrigamAi offers additional features specifically designed for healthcare providers. These features aim to mitigate and assess the potential for long-term psychological trauma.

  • Log events which can be morally injurious. Highly traumatic events can take their toll on the mental health of healthcare providers.
  • Baseline performance and projecting historical, present, and future supports that are helpful for an individual going through a moral crisis.
  • Impact measurement of moral injury or psychological trauma as well as project the possible long-term impact of the injury.
  • Shift-scheduler to better align teams that work well together


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