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Kyle McLeod

Chief Executive Officer

Kyle has built his career on supporting others in achieving mental well-being and professional success. Each of his roles has in some way focused on what makes humans tick and optimizing those insights to get the best out of people – individually and collectively.

While consulting on a healthcare study, Kyle became aware of the prevalence of burnout in the medical field and the resulting negative impact on both practitioners and patients. He co-founded CNK Tech with the goal to work on a solution to address the systemic issues that lead to burnout in the health profession as well as other industries.

Before becoming a partner and CEO of CNK Tech, Kyle was a consultant and executive coach working with leaders and their teams around strategic planning, professional development, complex problem-solving and team performance. Prior to that, he spent more than a decade in the field of psychology in leadership and case management positions.

An accredited coach with the International Coaching Federation, strong leader and team builder, Kyle understands the intricacies of human behaviour and the intersection of people, organizations, teams and technology.

Kyle prefers to work on projects that involve complex problem-solving to reach meaningful outcomes. “If we succeed in even partially addressing systemic problems, we will achieve an exponentially positive impact that extends several degrees beyond our work at CNK Tech,” he says.


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